Your Home Didn't Sell,

Now What

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What Realtors Do Well.

  • Great Photos 
  • Drone Tour
  • Staging
  • Open House
  • Virtual Tour

We utilize the same tools as your Realtor but with one exception. We strongly emphasis Social Media marketing, specifically Google Ads. This way we don't have to stop marketing at the Oklahoma border we can put your home in front of all the United States.

Selling a home is not rocket science 🚀.  Coming up with a competive sales price and a marketing plan to get as much exposure as possible is the most effective. If you think I can be of service to you then contact me. If you weren't satisfied with your past realtor and would like a different approach then contact The Franks Real Estate Team today.

William Franks
Whittington Realty

3 Month Marketing BluePrint

When you start researching homes that didn't sell you notice the pricer homes stay on the market longer and have a higher chance of becoming an Expired Listing. Homes in Oklahoma County priced between $300,000 to $500,000 are on the market about 125 days before they fall on to the Expired List. Homes priced above $600,000 are on the market about 200 days before falling into the Expired pile. As the price increases the size of potential buyers decrease. So the challenge is to get more eyeballs on your home.

You chose a Realtor and they put your home on the market and it didn't sell. In the industry we call your home an Expired Listing. Now the question is what do you do next? You can try to sell it yourself, keep it off the market for a while or re-list it again. If you had a good Realtor but you felt they were weak when it came to marketing your home keep reading.

This is the eFlyer potential buyers will see.

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8 Reasons You Don't Want To Over Price Your Home

What Realtors Don't Do Well.
  • We have collected US Census data that tells us which counties within the US have people moving to Oklahoma City to live. We are then able to market your home to these potential home buyers using Google Ads. So now your home is being marketed locally and nationally.
  • Our strength is our re-marketing campaign. Once someone clicks on your ad, which means there is interest in your home, your ad will follow them around on the internet which will keep your home on their mind. 
  •  The Franks Real Estate Team excutes a very precise, but simple plan to increase the chances of getting your home sold.  
  • Since your home just went off the market, you are probably not ready to commit to another 6 months. We strongly feel that all we need is 3 months to get your home sold.