Know My Storey, Cashless Giving is a program that gives you an opportunity to donate to those who sell the Curbside Chronicle.  Alone with purchasing a copy of the Curbside Chronicle you can now donate and help them achieve the goal of becoming self-sufficient. Also, when you donate know there is never an exchange of cash. All exchanges are done cashless.

This is a pilot program so every participant involved will be part of The Curbside Chronicle. Each participant will be vetted and only those who are trying to better themselves will be given priority.

The vetting process will look at their pass activities, their current activities, and their future plans. The program wants to help those who are really trying to help themselves.

Once a participant joins the program they will be set up with a personalized QR code and their own web page. The web page will share with the audience the personal story of their past, present and future. The web page will also feature a “donate” button and an opportunity to subscribe to The Curb Side Chronicle.

If a donation is given it will go directly to Home Alliance in that participant’s account. Home Alliance and the participant will decide where the funds will be directed. Funds will be directed to participants immediate and long term needs. Such as food, clothing, housing, education, etc.

Homeless Alliance has setup agreements with local resources who will supply the participants immediate and long term needs. All transactions are cashless so the participants never touches the money.

Know My Storey

"Cashless Giving"