Rayma, reigns from West Palm Beach Florida, and she came to Oklahoma to straighten her life out. While here in Oklahoma City life has been a challenge. One of biggest challenges she’s had to deal with is being homeless. “Being homeless means your life doesn't have much stability. It's that much harder to plan out a life when you don't know where you’re going to lay your head. Over the past one year I’ve started to slowly get my life together and I’m pulling myself up”, she said. Rayma is working for the Curbside Chronicle plus picking up odd jobs which has allowed her to rent an efficieny. Her short term goal is to find a stabilizing job, her interest lies in the medical industry, maybe training as a phlebotomist. Her long term goal is going to school to be an OTR driver, when asked why she responded, “I want to go on an adventure, I want to see new places and get to know all the beautiful spots in this country”.

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"Cashless Giving"